Instituto Blaise Pascale

What makes Instituto Blaise Pascale a Bilingual Institution?

There is no clear definition of a bilingual institution in Mexico or one that is recognised by the Department of Education. Each institution is responsible for developing its own idea of a bilingual community. For this reason we feel it is important to share with you the following ideals that form the basis of bilingual education at our institution.

  • Personnel available for English-speaking option
  • English language studies a daily class
  • TOEFL ibt Examination
  • Campus culture of English.
  • English library.
  • Formalised links with high schools around the globe.
  • Course electives in English.
  • Entrance and Exit Examinations.
  • Educational Professionals.
  • Computers and applications in English.
  • European and North American university applications preparations.
  • Anual academic and intercultural exchanges.

English Department

The English Department at Instituto Blaise Pascale, provided by Jacaranda Education Inc. S.C. is unique in Oaxaca, Mexico and Latin America for many reasons.

  • Its teachers are drawn from the world’s best universities, including Cambridge, U.K. and the Ivy-League colleges of the U.S.A.
  • All teachers in the department are experienced professionals bringing many different backgrounds and experiences to their teaching: marketing, literature, social studies and linguistics.
  • All teachers have lived, studied and worked abroad, around the globe and can bring a global and local context to their classes.
  • All teachers partake in extensive professional development to ensure that they remain as the best English teachers in Mexico.

The curriculum taught by the English Department is written specifically for Instituto Blaise Pascale and is interactive, innovative and designed specifically for Oaxacan teenagers. It focuses on topics of global and local interest to the students and promotes communication through conversation, writing and internationally recognised projects.

The English Department staff are always willing to meet prospective parents and students at any time. Please contact the school to arrange an appointment.

Jacaranda Education Inc s.c.

Jacaranda Education is a Sociedad Civil (S.C.) founded in 2005 by graduates of the International Education and Transcultural Studies Department at Teachers College, Columbia University. Its mission is to enhance education in Mexico`s public and private education sectors by providing a range of high-quality, cost-effective services focusing on teacher-training, curriculum design, teacher placement, and capacity building. In short, making new resources available to educators and students in Mexico.

Jacaranda Education supports a student-centered, constructivist, communicative language teaching approach which views local environment and socio-cultural context as an active and essential tool in the educational process and a necessary ingredient for active participation in today’s globalized world. Jacaranda Education advocates that the best approach to preparing students for global change is through exposure to quality, passionate instruction and an educational approach which highlights the trans-configurative nature of culture and the relationship between the local and the global environment through a multi-disciplinary educational approach.

To these ends, Jacaranda Education is committed to supporting initiatives which offer sustainable, diversified training for teachers, and which encourage the production and implementation of a range of independent materials which expose one to a wider range of ideas, knowledge, and concepts. The cornerstone to these ideas is Jacaranda’s excellence in international education and development work.


  • English Language Studies: Basic – Advanced

    Jacaranda Education provides the school with a unique curriculum, written especially for the school. Our textbooks, used at Low Intermediate, High Intermediate and Advanced Level comprise content covering the four main skills areas: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The courses at these levels cover contemporary topics of interest to the students...

  • International Communications

    All students in the Preparatoria are taught a class of International Communications, by our specialist International Communications teacher. These classes discuss global themes on a local scale, and students look at the comparisons and contrasts between their community and those elsewhere in terms of politics and the environment...

  • History of Art

    Students in the Secundaria have an Art Workshop every week which allows them to practice their English in a relaxed and creative environment. Students work individually, in teams and as classes to create artwork which has been displayed both in the school and abroad...

  • Adobe Youth Voices Project

    Tercero Preparatoria students in this elective class, examine how they can influence social change within their local community through the medium of films. Students research and plan their films and topics throughout the year in order to complete a final project comprising a 15 minute documentary film featuring interviews, still and moving images, music and special effects...

  • Drama

    While drama is not a separate course offered by the English Department, it is included within the Advanced level English classes. Teachers use drama as a way to allow their students to interact and express themselves in English. Advanced level classes study a Shakespeare play, this year “Macbeth” and produce a theatrical performance at the end of the second semester...

  • Art Workshop

    Students in the Secundaria have an Art Workshop every week which allows them to practice their English in a relaxed and creative environment. Students work individually, in teams and as classes to create artwork which has been displayed both in the school and abroad...

  • Literature Seminar

    For bilingual students in the school, the English Department runs a literature seminar taught by a specialist English and American Literature teacher. These classes start with an introduction to literary and critical analysis across a range of genres including biography, novels, short stories, poetry and drama...

  • Toefl Course

    The English Department offers TOEFL preparation courses for its students in Tercero Preparatoria preparing for university study in the U.K., Europe and the U.S.A. These courses cover all aspects of the TOEFL exam: reading, writing, speaking and listening and prepare students for the internet-based TOEFL exam...

Other activities hosted by the english deparment

  • School Film Screenings

    The English department hosts film screenings related to its classes in the school on weekday evenings. Films are projected on to a cinema-size screen. Students are welcome to suggest films that they would like to be shown at the film screenings.

  • Theme Days

    The English department organises theme days which reflect the themes studied within its classes. The whole school participates in these events, dressing in clothes featured in the classes they study (i.e. for the India module, students will dress in Saris, etc.). Other subjects within the school design their classes to reflect the themes of the English department on this day. The recesses are filled with activities for the students related to the topics being studied.

  • Cinema Visits & Art Gallery Openings

    The English department often invites its students to visit the local independent cinema to see the latest releases and popular films reflecting the themes studied in class. Similarly, students are often invited to gallery openings within Oaxaca, to see and analyse the artwork of local, national and international artists. These events allow students to practice their English in a relaxed environment outside of the classroom.

  • English Department Dinners

    For its older students the English Department hosts semesterly dinners, which allow its students to engage in social conversation over a selection of international cuisine. These events not only allow students to practice their English but also encourage a widening of their cultural perspectives.

  • Bilingual Education

    The English department promotes bilingual classes across the school and across all subjects. The department offers advice and help to teachers wishing to expand their professional horizons and the abilities of their students. Literature, I.T. and Science subjects regularly adopt bilingual classes to promote English across the curriculum.

toefl dates at Instituto Blaise Pascale Oaxaca

fechas TOEFL Oaxaca

  • Saturday, 15 September 2012
  • Saturday, 29 September 2012
  • Saturday, 6 October 2012
  • Saturday, 27 October 2012
  • Saturday, 3 November 2012
  • Saturday, 17 November 2012
  • Saturday, 1 December 2012
  • Saturday, 8 December 2012
Introducción al modelo educativo

Programa acádemico

El programa académico del Instituto Blaise Pascale se encuentra centrado en el alumno y promueve el desarrollo integral del mismo a través de la adquisición de conocimientos, el fomento a los valores y el desarrollo de actitudes y habilidades que le permitan proyectarse en todos los contextos en los que se desenvuelve, ya sea a nivel local, nacional o internacional. Leer más

Bilingual Education

All students at Instituto Blaise Pascale have the opportunity to study and use a second language in their daily lives. Students learn to speak, listen, read and write in English in one of five ability levels offered by the English deparment. aThe English Department teaches a unique curriculum designed especially for IBP, which focuses on current affairs and global and local themes which affect students at the school. Leer más

Difusión cultural y deportiva

El desarrollo integral del alumno implica involucrarse medieante manifestaciones culturales y deportivas, en actividades que promuevan intencional y organizadamente el desarrollo y la práctica de algunos de los valores, actitudes y habilidades que conforman el perfil de los estudiantes trazado en la misión del IBP Leer más

Olimpiadas de la ciencia

Este programa busca fomentar en los estudiantes de secundaria y preparatoria el gusto por las ciencias y promover el interés por la investigación científica, coadyuvando a preparar alumnos altamente capacitados, con una gran capacidad de enfrentar retos y vencerlos positivamente, a la vez que los proyecta académicamente hasta donde sus sueños lo potencien. Comprende competencias a nivel estatal, nacional e internacional en las áreas de Química, Física, Matemáticas, Geografía, Historia y Biología. Leer más

Formación social y campañas

El Instituto Blaise Pascale es una escuela comprometida con la sociedad y su entorno que fomenta en sus alumnos una nueva cultura de participación comunitaria trabajando colaborativamente con diversas instituciones y promoviendo campañas en beneficio de la ecología y el rescate de los valores. Leer más

Proyectos Interdisciplinarios

El desarrollo integral de alumno IBP requiere desarrollar en él habilidades, actitudes y valores usando como un pretexto el conocimiento mismo, por lo tanto el aprendizaje vivencial se materializa utilizando estrategias didácticas1 novedosas como pueden ser el aprendizaje basado en proyectos y/o problemas apoyados en talleres y prácticas experimentales, trabajo en grupos colaborativos2, unidades didácticas, así como estudio de casos e investigaciones documentales. Leer más

Orientación y tutoría

El IBP ofrece un seguimiento continuo y personalizado de los alumnos a través de la evaluación y retroalimentación del progreso de cada uno de ellos y los canaliza hacía apoyos psicopedagógicos en caso de requerirlo. De igual forma los docentes imparten asesorías académicas en horarios establecidos. Leer más

Tecnología en el aula

El uso de nuevas tecnologías informáticas favorece el acceso y la trasmisión de información, la colaboración e interacción entre profesores y alumnos, a la vez que la impartición de curso utilizando estrategias innovadoras o virtuales. Leer más